View Full Version : A couple of questions about vintage VW improvement

30-11-2017, 17:13
I am starting a business in producing parts for classic cars where Iím focusing on the early Volkswagen cars. The specific cars Iím looking at are the first generation Caddy, Golf, Jetta and scirocco. Iíve used an 1100cc Mk1 Golf as my daily driver for a couple of years now and despite loving every minute of it, there are several parts that could be more comfortable of better in my opinion. If you drive one of the above cars, I would love to have some input from you. Iíve created a short list of questions that I hope you will answer for me.

You can do so by clicking here: Link to google form (https://goo.gl/forms/k8Wy5oXad3LDe67N2)

You can click here if it doesn't work: https://goo.gl/forms/k8Wy5oXad3LDe67N2