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21-08-2006, 06:05
Good day Guys Im Quintin Williams,:)

Last week I traded in my truck for a car, I figured that no only would I save on gas but I would save on insurance as well. My truck was a 2002 F150 4X4 and the car I got was a Mitsubishi Galant. Much to my surprise when I called the insurance company they told me it would cost more to insure! I guess they consider this car a luxury car! How much BS is that?? I have been surfing the net for good insurance, i came into http://www.insurancepaylite.com has anyone tried online insurance? how effective is the online quote system? can i depend my money on this? or can anyone tell me a good insurance company to check out that may be cheaper or won't consider a Galant a luxury car? Thank you in advance.