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14-04-2012, 18:09
Someone has problems with oil consumption in his Polo 1.4TSI GTI?

Here in Italy is very diffused: not only regarding Polo, but every kind of car who use this engine (A1, Ibiza, Fabia, etc.).
And not only in Italy: I found the same problem in several forums in UK, Germany, France, Greece, Australia...

Fortunately mine is fine for now: 7.500Km and 0.5liter added is accetable...
Many people I know use 1liter per 1000Km, really too much, but the biggets problem is that VW doesn't have a solution for now: piston's rings or whole engine replacement sometimes is not resolutive and after it the oil consumption is the same...

Any problem like this here?

24-04-2012, 19:11
There's really no one that have problems with oil consumption on 1.4TSI?? :confused: :confused:

24-04-2012, 19:14
i've heard about the problem, but have no experience with the engine myself.

25-04-2012, 18:09
As I said, mine is safe for now, but I'm worried for the future...

I only hope that VW will find a solution and will recall all the engines, even if I know, that is very expensive for them...
At least they could extend the warranty about this problem... :shake: