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Default [19-20/04/2014] 1st European Barndoor Gathering & Vintage VW Show

1st European Barndoor Gathering & Vintage VW Show

Wat: Vintage VW Show focussing on pre 03/1955 VW Buses
Waar: Amersfoort, the Netherlands
Wanneer: 19-20 April, 2014

"The original idea for the T1 van or Volkswagen Type 2 came from the Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon, who drew the first sketches of the van in 1947."
Ben Pon lived and worked in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. There is still a lot of Volkswagen history out here and that's why Amersfoort is the perfect location to bring, as many as possible, Barndoor buses together!

Participating vehicles:
- VW Barndoor Buses tot 03/1955 on the main square!
- Volkswagen Type 2 / Splitbuses t/m 1967
- Volkswagen Beetles, KdF-Wagen t/m 1957
- Type 128 and 166 VW Schwimmwagen
- Type 82 VW Kübelwagen 1940 - 1945
- Coachbuilt bodies on a VW chassis t/m 1967
- Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 14 t/m 1959
- Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34 t/m1969
- Volkswagen Type 3 1500 + 1500S t/m 1965

Meer info mbt de show, camping/hotel, registratie, locatie, ect zal zo spoeddig mogelijk volgen op de website:

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