View Full Version : Xenon in running lights @ bumper

14-08-2012, 08:48
Hello fellow members! :)

My car is a Polo 6R with running lights in the bumper, wich i want to fit xenon in. So the other day i decided to take a quick look at it, so i unmounted the running lights from the bumper to see if i could figure how to. The problem now is following:

The H8 bulb wich is fitted as standard, has to be screwed in just like our bulbs in the lamps in my living room, Wich means theres no place for the cables at the end of the xenon to go, and again no were to fit the xenon bulb

And is it possible to install the xenon without taking of the whole bumper? it's easy to change the ligtning bulbs without removing it, im just not sure if you can get the canbus box and cables in behind the bumper and up to the battery.

Kind Regards from Denmark! :)

18-10-2012, 14:06
I don't understand why you would want to fit Xenon in your running lights, but i guess it will be for the looks of it.
There is a LED conversion (http://www.hsun-lightings.com/product/index241.html) for it though :thumbup: