View Full Version : speed wobble... where should I start?

13-05-2005, 07:18

So I bought my 3rd Beetle today... $1800 US for a decent condition super beetle (1974).

With that being said, it has a speed wobble from about 48-55 mph and is okay after that...

Just had the "U" joint replaced by an aircooled VW shop. what else could cause it to wobble like that?

Thanks a bunch.


13-05-2005, 17:37
Is your super a 1303 or 1302?

He said it's a 74, so that makes it a 1303.

Anyways, I once read about the 02/03 wobble in an old issue of VWTrends, where they stated that it often doesnt help with balancing the tires. If that is the case, you may have to replace the lower control arm bushings, and also the anti roll bar bushings. Checking the balancing of the front tires is a first though.

14-05-2005, 07:49
I have a super beetle 74... and sorry but it's been a while and need to get back into the VW lingo... unfortunately I gave the guy who bought my old bug the hot VW's that I had... so it's time to start the collection again...

My car is a 1974 curved window super beetle with a sun roof...

On a side note and getting completely off topic... I am gonna have to get a carb kit tomorrow and rebuild the carb as I have a fuel leak coming from one of the bolts on the carb... It litterally was 2 drops a second after I drove it... and drips slower when it's a quick trip... unfortunately I noticed this about 1 hour away from home and all highway between me and home... so I HAD to drive home with it leaking... (will get a rebuild kit at my local VW shop in the morning)

thanks for the help... I will ballance the tires this week as well as look into ordering the bushings stated above... hope it helps...


19-05-2005, 03:50
got a steering dampener coming, right & left tie rods, the red (urithane (sp) bushing kit.. all on the way... probably be here on monday...

than an alignment... and hopefully I'll be okay for a while...

16-07-2008, 21:07
I changed my Idler Arm bushing (Brass) on my 71 Super and it stopped the Shimmy/Shakes. Here is a good article on it http://www.toplineparts.com/suspprob.html