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02-12-2012, 20:49
So finally I got my car registered as "classic car" (or "oldtimer", which is the official german designator and seems to be english but actually it isn't).

There are a few criteria you have to meet. First, you have to pass the bi-annual safety check (also called "TÜV" by many people, but this is just as wrong as calling an old car "oldtimer" - see bottom of post). Also you need a certificate that the car is
- at least 30 years old
- in its original shape, i.e. restored with original parts or parts which do not change the appearance or which were available at least 20 years back
- in good overall shape
- modifications of the exhaust system for better environmental compatibility are allowed
- new radios and speakers may be installed provided that they do not change the appearance of the interior.

My car needed quite a bit of body work (at the typical places) and some repairs of the suspension (mostly rubber bumpers and shock absorbers - but it was about time for this after 30 years). This was shop work, I replaced the chrome trim and the rotten dash board myself.

Finally it turned out that I had to pay an extra EUR 0,50 for the additional letter "H" (for car of h-istoric value) at the license plate printing shop!

I have to find out how to link some pictures.

PS. Concerning the "TÜV", this is just the designator for an organisation which was the only one for decades to perform the "main check" (Hauptuntersuchung). Today, there are many certified organisations offering this service and so the TÜV is no longer almost-synonymous for the "main check".

03-12-2012, 11:33
so here is at least a link to an uploaded pic in one of the german Passat 32b forums:


03-12-2012, 11:51
*link to pic.jpg*


Nice car!

03-12-2012, 12:33
The image is not accessible as *.jpg file or link on the other forum.

Just a few vital stats (of the car, of course :thumbup: )

Built in april 1982 in the Brussels Volkswagen plant. Did its service as a family car for the first 8 years until I bought it from a dealer. This was just on the decline of the used car market in (western) Germany after the re-unification with its eastern part when during the first months people were in a urge to swap (or trash) their Trabants and Wartburgs. So the dealer agreed to a reasonable discount for the Polo 1 I swapped (this one finally was bought by some guys from Poland, I hope the Polo did not break down before they reached the border).

It has the 63kW YP engine, automatic gear box and is a CL type, i.e. almost the lowest range of accessories but has the most complete chrome trim found on pre-1984 Passats. Unfortunately, it is not real chrome but just a metal foil with plastic cover, I had to replace all the window chrome trim (I did not replace the rear and front bumper chrome trim). I mostly used self-adhesive chrome trim, it looks decent if you apply it carefully... and if you avoid any cheap stuff, ONLY use chrome trim with genuine 3M adhesive.

I did not care much about the car for many years and it looked quite rotten. Now, with all the rust removed and new chrome trim, it looks quite decent. It needed a new passenger's door, the rear passenger side door and the driver's door were overhauled and painted. The rear side walls and the corners of the tail piece had to be welded and painted, too. On the plus side: the underbody never needed any welding and still has its original protective undercoating.

The motor and the gear box work flawless after 211000km. The car was equipped with a simple (non-regulated) exhaust recyling in the 80s which I had upgraded to Euro1 environmental standards (with a lambda probe and electronic control system) in 2008. In many german cities you are prohibited from entering with cars below the Euro1 standard (the so-called "Umweltzone" , environment protection zone introduced due to european fine dust regulations). I have to check the oil level of the diffrential gear some day. A leaking seal to the main gear box is the main reason for sudden breakdowns of the differential gear which usually appear without warning (and usually much earlier than 200000km if you do not check it in time).

18-12-2012, 23:15
when pictures from this passat :)

19-12-2012, 11:26
I finally managed to upload some pics to the gallery section:
Gallery -> Watercooled -> Passat -> Passat CL 1982

17-01-2013, 20:18
ELLE EST superbe j'adore de cette couleur !

17-01-2013, 21:09


18-01-2013, 14:32
ELLE EST superbe j'adore de cette couleur !

Merci ... des fois on peut voir cette voiture en France. Si c est possible, je vais participer au Retro Meus Auto (8-9 juin 2013) et passer quelques jours dans la region.


Cette annee c est un rassemblement des voitures breaks, avec le Passat Variant je serais entre camerades ...

18-01-2013, 14:34
Thanks, Tjaap, for successfully displaying my pics :thumbup:

03-11-2013, 04:09
Wow that dashboard looks to be brand new! Amazing stuff! :) What condition are the seats in, under the covers?

05-11-2013, 09:41
Wow that dashboard looks to be brand new! Amazing stuff! :)

If you could take a closer look the dashboard would not look that good anymore. It has a few cracks, one long one on the instruments hood and smaller ones around the air outlets. I treat the surface of the dashboard regularly with a "plastic reconditioner", currently I use something from german manufacturer Sonax but I think the Armor-All stuff will work just as good. This stuff claims to protect the plastic against degradation from UV rays (which is the main reason for the cracks). It also gives a half-mat surface which obviously looks quite impressive :tongue:

By the way, this stuff also does magic on black plastic exterior parts which usually are faded to a greyish tone. You have to wipe the exterior parts every few months - or at least prior to classic cars meeting or photo shootings.

What condition are the seats in, under the covers?
:mad: :mad: :mad:

It IS possible to remove the fabric of the front seats by opening some seams and I have heard that after one run in the washing machine they will look like new and will fit without wrinkles again. But washing the rear seat fabric is probably not possible, there are some strips of cardboard holding them in place and these strips will be destroyed during washing. That's why I chose the seat covers for all seats in a more or less matching color. You have to make some cutouts for the rear seat belts.