View Full Version : Door mounted mirrors for a LHD 1990 Mexican bug?

13-02-2013, 15:22
Hi, I have a left-hand drive 1990 Mexican beetle which originally only had a body-mounted rectangular shaped mirror on the driver's side. The passenger side panel has now been cut to accommodate a mirror, however I am in the UK and the only mirrors I have been able to buy are for right-hand drive cars.

Because of this, regardless of whatever position I angle the passenger's mirror at, I'm not able to get much visibility from it.

I am guessing that pairs of body-mounted mirrors for left-hand drive cars usually have a slightly longer arm for the mirror that goes on the passengers side?

If someone could advise me of where I can buy a pair of good-quality, body-mounted rectangular mirrors for a LHD beetle, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks! :thumbup:

13-02-2013, 16:21
If you ignore the " good quality" part i'm pretty sure these guys will have it..