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Si G
11-07-2013, 10:36
My name is Si Gray, I am a freelance photographer from the UK. I work for the automotive magazines in Europe, including Retro Cars, Performance VW, Volkstyle, and VW Power. I will be travelling over from England to Holland for the VolksDub show, and will staying for 10 days, all the way through till MiVW show.

Whilst I am in Holland, I will be offering private shoots for you and your car. If you have ever wanted some magazine style photographs, well now is your chance.

Prices start from € 150 for a minimum of 10 high resolution images of your car. If you would like some rolling shots, or moving shots, whilst you are driving, then please contact me for prices, as will be more equipment, or more people involved to take the pictures.

I will be available to shoot on any day of the week between Volksdub and MiVW with those dates being the 29th of July, till the 2nd of August.

I have put up some examples of the kind of pictures you can expect to get below, and you can find more of my work over on my website, http://www.sigray.co.uk or over on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/SiGrayPhotography

Please contact me at sigrayuk @ gmail.com to arrange details.

Many thanks,







24-07-2013, 07:02
Make sure you grab this opportunity!

28-08-2013, 22:48
Si has done alot of work for Dodo Juice and i can definately recommend him. top guy with a great eye for that perfect shot.