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19-09-2013, 07:45
hi to you

i am in the progress of building a samba bus bed for my kid.
i saw some pics across the net but still need some inspiration and example pics.

my plan is to put a full size madress in and front seatsit will have a roof rack and retractable drawers in the bottom. i plan to have it build over the winter since the kit is stillsmall i only have the weekends to build (cant make any noise when i come home from work, baby sleeps then) so the progress is going to be rather slow.

if you have any hints tips pics whatever, i would appreciate it if you would post them up.

10-10-2013, 06:28
Check this one out!


30-12-2013, 09:31
hi guys, i know i know it took me forever to get started but when you have a Little Baby at home life gets in the way quite often.

but: i have finally vacations and got started right away

i bought raw material that i needed to grind and sand first
i started to build the a-Frames, all Corners needed to be rounded so that Baby cant hurt itself.
as you can see i build a bed which is almost original size...
you can see a line drawn about half way up on the vertical beams, the beams are angled from there since i try to avoid that it will look too boxy.
yesterday i finished the samba Windows for left and right side, i will be building more tomorrow. i have the Baby today because the missis want to go Shopping alone, more to come.

02-01-2014, 19:48
happy new year everyone, i hope everyone survived the drinking and fireworks crazyness.

i was a good Boy and stayed with the missis and the Baby at 12 o´clock, Baby woke up from the fireworks noise but no crying.

anyway yesterday i managed to errect the main Frame, unfortunately ist a public holliday today so i cant use loud machinery like my saws, grinders or simular, so there is going to be Little Progress today. :(

here the pic from yesterday, you´ll get the idea...

of course the wifey got involved :rant: and i have now to Change plans and make a door in Drivers side to get to the front seats....

i hope i still have enough material left now :fear:



i made the Drivers compartement seperate to get a better felling of the proportions, unfortunately i have to cut a Corner since it is a bed.
the entry opening is so big that my bed only has 3 Windows each side while the original had 4, i hope the gods will forgive me....

02-01-2014, 20:04
unfortunately ist a public holliday today so i cant use loud machinery like my saws, grinders or simular, so there is going to be Little Progress today. :(

Wut? Is that an actual rule?

02-01-2014, 22:55
yes tjaap, on public hollidays you cant make any noise..

11-01-2014, 20:17
hi guys

i had so much work last week that i didnt get anything done to the bed but today i made some Progress!!

made the Drivers side middle boards and window Frames

made the front Panel window Frames, passenger side door and passanger side Panel, ohh yes e have a Roof now too!!
now i Need to figure out a better way to Mount the door hinges, i dont like it that way.

otherwise i am happy with one days Progress :troll:

19-01-2014, 19:24
i work my but off atm to finance my mk1 Project so i have Little time to build on the bed. i only managed to cut Drivers side 2nd sidepanels and Windows and passengers side window behind the door. but i also made the inlay boards besides the madrass so nothing falls between there.

this stuff is time consuming since all edges Need to get rounded and all plates get sanded smooth... you can imagine sanding smooth 15m² x2 (inside Needs to bee smooth too)

anyway pic from today


29-01-2014, 23:41
Check this out: http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/7/image_608315_original.jpg

31-01-2014, 21:09
nice, i love it! i lack the machines for that though...

22-03-2014, 21:24
hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates...
time is short whenyou have a small Baby around.

anyway i finished some more stuff like the back part, i hate it because it Looks to boxy but i guess when it is painted and has the lights and all mounted it will be better.
i also finished the front parts of the drawers but i ran out of material (yet again) :fear:

finished and testfitted the seatbench, since it fits nicely i will bring it to the upholsterer and have it covered red/White leather...

04-04-2014, 21:31
i finished the Roof rack and the drawers not Long until i can start painting, just some small adjustments to make...


12-04-2014, 22:52
i am glad to Report that i am done constructing stuff!
today i was crazy buisy to sand the whole frigging Thing and round all the edges, smooth the gaps and alining things here and there.

then i started to fill the gaps, if everything works out like i want i will be sanding tomorrow again so that the missis and me can start painting the bed next week!

cheers, i deserve a beer now!


13-04-2014, 08:35
Dude, that thing is awesome!

18-04-2014, 19:35
here you go, i still Need to paint the inside front part and wheels, and the shadowline below the Body then i am done i think.

i willadd some conture lines and Details like the air intake over the rear wheel tomorrow if i find the time.

still unshure aboutthe headlights, indicators and rear lights, what to do?


02-05-2014, 16:30
the wifey found some time and got the wheels done, i am not a fan of detailed fiddely work like this. so i loaded all the stuff from the room onto the Roof rack, of course a bus bed is only complete with a lego bus on top.


26-05-2014, 19:25
i made this logo in my lunchbreak, from stainless steel ist 37cm outside Diameter so it is pretty big but i have to weld some bolts to the backside to Mount it somehow..

26-05-2014, 20:40
Pretty cool. When it comes to lights. I would just take some measurements in scale and hit the junkyard

26-05-2014, 20:45
that was my plan, i wanted to try basicly anything with Chrome trim rings, i just dont know anything to do with the indicators?!

19-10-2014, 19:40
i know, it takes too long...
i finally got the chrome trim and the badge mounted.

19-10-2014, 20:52
Love the trim

17-01-2015, 09:52
Love the trim


23-01-2015, 18:17
here you can see the size of it better...