View Full Version : Mkiv Hazzard light. Instrument panel flashes, fuel relais sounds

03-02-2014, 00:28
Hello. I am from holland so my englisch may be not that good.
The car im driving is a volkswagen Bora/Jetta from the year 2000
Its a full option with heated seats etc.( i dont know if this is usefull)
The problem here is. When i turn on the hazard lights my fuel relay and the whole instrument panel start flashing and making noises
I hear the door gong for example. With al the check lights in the dash

Also when i lock my car with the Fob the doorgong sounds and the immobilizer light flashes with the hazard lights

Can anyone give me a clue where to look
I had measured and tested al the fuses in the fusebox
Also i had checked the 2 fuses in relay box F and G.
Also i had run vcds vagcom trough it multiple times but no DTC's

Could this be the electrical part from te ignition keyslot?
I was thinking when the ignition key is off. The switched plus wire. Had no power on it. And maybe the hazzard lights are using it as a mass kabel from then on. Which give the smal amount of volt that are left to this kabel and turn ignition on in pulses from the lights

18-06-2014, 11:11
Wow, sounds like a frustrating issue!

Has this been solved, Uncensored92?