View Full Version : Polo 86c engine swap

09-02-2014, 22:03
Hi all,
new on this forum. I have an almost perfect 1991 1049cc Polo Coupe Fox. Now, I'm thinking about swapping the engine to either 1.3 75hp or the G40...The problem is that I don't know which model of the 1.3 engine I should look for and is it a straight swap or more complicated? As for the G40, I guess a lot more goes into it, like brakes gearbox etc...? Any advice would be more than welcome.


08-12-2014, 00:11
Personally, i would find a abd lump (1391 cc) fit a 1.3 aav head to it, throw in a 264/268 camshaft, 4/2/1 manifold, upgrade to g40/3f exhaust system.
Keeping it budget with adding a nz multipoint injection.
try to find a 8p gearbox.
but the 3f/75bhp engine is a plug and play swap with your engine..