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17-05-2014, 18:05
Quite a while ago I posted a question concerning suppliers for dashboard covers/mats for the 32b, I am not sure whether in this forum (cannot find it anymore) or in a german forum.l In the "sunshine states" of US, these seem to be rather popular, preventing degradation of the dashboard material due to sunlight.

There is probably no 32b out there with NO cracks in the dashboards, except for the few ones which were always parked in a garage. The original one in mine looked like a miniature copy of the Grand Canyon. I swapped it against one in much better shape.

And to keep it in this shape I was looking for a european supplier of these US dashmats. You can buy those via US ebay but they will cost you around 100EUR including postage and customs.

The dashboard question is currently discussed in a german 32b forum


Someone found an european supplier


Look at the Volkswagen - 1984 (or your model year) - Quantum (NOT Passat!) - "Zubehör innen" (interior accessories)

I am not sure whether there is an english version of this site. The dashboard covers come in various styles and colours and cost 18...25EUR approx. + shipment from Germany.

18-05-2014, 08:57
oooops ... this is NOT a european supplier, although their site is quite nicely translated into european languages. Shipment is from US, and costs about 34EUR to Germany. However, this is still MUCH cheaper than the only ebay I found who ships to Germany.