View Full Version : Airride - 85 Beetle

23-08-2005, 20:52

Does anybody know, where i can get parts or a complete AIRRIDE Kit for a Bug 85???

It would be nice, if you could help me!!

Yours 1200jubi :o

30-08-2005, 13:06
Cool things @ airkewld. I think I'm gonna save some money for the airkits, low when neede, high when needed ;-)

30-08-2005, 13:28
i think bbt (http://www.bbt4vw.com) also has a kit
(they had a big stack of air-ride kits for sale @ spa anyway)

05-09-2005, 08:07
Hey Guys!

Thank you for helping me - but if someone has an other adress for these things it would be nice, if you tell me.

Yours 1200jubi :D

16-07-2008, 21:03
I got mine from Airkelwd I have a 71 Vert, Works great...had to be modified somewhat to get it as low as I wanted though..