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10-01-2017, 16:03
Hi folks,

I have a Polo 9N from 2002. (See my opening thread)
I have a beautiful radio (Pioneer AVH-X8700BT). This radio has a Can-Bus connection. I would like to use it.
The Polo 9n (2002) has a Can-Bus, this is not the radio space.
Can-Bus is behind the speedclock and could by leaded to the radio.
The latter is also immediately my question. Does anyone have experience with this, or does anyone have a how-to by someone who has done this before.

Photo of the radio, there was still the radio in my previous car (Lupo 3L)
And a picture (random from internet) Can-Bus capabilities.


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19-08-2020, 09:21
Go to a shop that specializes in car audio systems.

19-08-2020, 11:13
CAN bus is quite simple. Splice into the bus at some point, and then connect to the radio. The CAN bus consists of two wires, CAN high and CAN low. Find a wiring diagriam to find what color these wires have. Then splice into the bus correctly, not by cutting wires but by making an adapter piece that acts like a T-piece would in a water pipe system. With the CAN bus you should only crimp and never solder, and use the appropriate crimps and crimping tool. The pins you crimp on depend on the connector, they're not expensive. The crimping tool depends on the pins you use and thus on the connector. These can also be picked up cheaply, I got mine for 20€ on Aliexpress and payed 4€ for a different set of dies for different pins. Last thing to make sure is to splice into the correct bus. There is a high speed one for engine and vehicle safety controllers (ECM, ABS, ESP, ..) and a low speed one for comfort systems. High speed and low speed are not CAN high and CAN low!

Now, if you have little experience with wiring/electrics, I suggest to find a shop that can do it for you. It's not hard, but if you don't know how to read wiring diagrams for example it will take a lot of time and you risk making mistakes.