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20-05-2019, 02:02
Hey All! I know this a VW forum, but I'm a desperate man in need of an Audi part... :redface:

Aside from usual sources like eBay that I'm always watching, VW Classics, Audi Classics (that have helped with certain parts), any other oddball good sources of parts? I'm specifically looking for a rear window seal for Audi Fox/80 (posted in WTB), and I have been everywhere that I know, but there must be other interesting sources.....??

Thank you!

20-05-2019, 04:56
Try https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/

Best regards, Peter

09-06-2020, 08:18
If you have the Audi part nr try a google search with this number from time to time.

You can find the Audi spare parts catalogue on https://audi.7zap.com/en/rdw/

There are different ways of writing the spare parts nr. Some dealers do it without blanks, some use the original format with blanks between number groups. I was successful several times - but it may take months until someone sells the part you need.