View Full Version : Defective power window, 6N

12-10-2005, 19:33
A guy at work has a 6N (99 if I remember correct) where the driver's power window isnt working anymore. I agreed to fix this for him. Now, I assume that it is the cables in the door jamb that are the problem, but is there anything specific, known problems, that I should check, or is it correct of me to assume that it is the cables that are the problem? Any points or tips are welcome.

12-10-2005, 19:49
rust i think... possible broken.

12-10-2005, 20:04
that is a known problem, because the motors are almost completely from plastic...

13-10-2005, 21:14
Had a look at this Polo today (which is an '01 6N2 btw) and the problem was as I suspected, broken wires in the door jamb.