View Full Version : Mk3 golf water issue

30-04-2020, 12:19
I have an old 1996 golf that has a leak somewhere and only when it rains. But this is the strange thing:

When the car is leaning back, no damp appears in the car. When the car is leaning forward water appears in the foot well of both driver and passenger. Its not coming from the roof as the ceiling inside is dry and the seats are damp free. The outside plastic thing at the bottom of the windscreen is broken (sorry I don't know its proper name) as well.

Which seals should I check first or could it be that plastic bit? If you need any further info please let me know.


30-04-2020, 15:16
- Check the area underneath the plastic to see if there is standing water
- In case you have a somewhat sweet smell in the car, check the heating system for coolant leakages
- In case you have a sunroof, check if the hose running down from the roof through the A-pillar are not cluttered

30-04-2020, 20:17
Most probably the drains for the area that is coverd by the plastic tray are blocked and water pools up and enters the car this way.

29-06-2020, 06:58
There are a lot of YT fixing tutorials that you may want to check to resolve the problem.

11-08-2020, 09:45
Check the door membrane also.