View Full Version : 25 KW Diesel Engine in Commercial Tractor Vehicle?

11-01-2021, 21:39
Dear members,

I recently bought an old commercial vehicle (probably used to haul trailers with luggage on an airport)

It is equipped with a 4-cylinder VW Diesel engine. The motortag says it is a 25kw engine. Unfortunately I can't find any Diesel engines ever manufactured by VW with 25 KW. Does anybody know what kind of engine it could be?

The motor number is 068516897

Thanks in advance!!

Kind Regards,

Gijs Janssen

11-01-2021, 21:52
Heb je ook foto's?

12-01-2021, 09:13
Maybe an industrial engine? Did you find an enginecode? 2 or 3 Letters with 6 numbers.

From what year is the tractor?