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19-10-2005, 10:43
Last July I found a set of Porsche Turbo replica wheels on http://www.cleaned.be

since then they have been on my car ever since, I just love them!!!


But since they are second hand and the previous owner didn't have very good parking skills they were a bit damaged...

Before the car got it's yearly MOT/ TUV/APK, I had changed my car back to wintermode.

So then it started to itch, why not make those rims the finishing touch on my car....

I removed the tyres (dunlop sp9000 225/40/18) had the wheels checked if they were still straight and not damaged to much.

After that I was ready to do some tests if the Aluminium was good enough to polish, I found out the hard way that sanding down the rims would be a very long, boring and hard job.
The paint wouldn't just come off the rim... Tried a few professional paint removal chemicals, nothing worked.

Contacted Rim Pimp Sixpack aka Peter Polijst, and he told me I could try an acid bath.
Brought them to a shop where they could put my rims in an acidbath.

after 7 days they were finished, and the result was rather clean, the only problem was that the front of the rim had very little dents every mm.

Here are a few pics off my progress, I'll keep you guys updated in the next few weeks/months

19-10-2005, 10:51
pic1: on the left the sanded piece of rim, offcourse not the finished article but at least the dents are gone

pic2: speaks for itself I think

pic3: 2 pieces of the "turbo star" are sandeddown, starts to look good....
later when I finished to remove the "dents" I'll sand them down with less rough sanding paper to get a better end result

19-10-2005, 11:43
looking good!