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25-02-2004, 21:54

Volkswagen is going to show a "Concept C" at the Geneva Auto Show. Unfortunately we're bound to embargo any specific information and photos till March 2nd. We've been reporting that Volkswagen has been working on a Jetta V-based Coupe folding hardtop convertible for a while now. Turns out the car will be postioned between the Jetta and Passat in size and will share more Passat components than Jetta components. It will be a true 4-seat convertible and will compete more with the 3-series and CLK convertible at around a $30-35k price point. The car will likely get its own model name and should be available in 2006.
The photos are very dramatic and give a much clearer idea of what the front, rear and interior of the B6 Passat will look like. Overall I think it looks hot, but I'm sure it will be controversial as usual. It also wouldn't surprise me in the least that the photos get leaked before March 2nd by someone out there as everytime we are bound to an embargo on information and photos, some knucklehead breaks the embargo. Oh well... Soon enough.

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25-02-2004, 22:21
Wat een lilluk dink. Nog meer van tzelfde.

25-02-2004, 22:23

26-02-2004, 20:49
ziet er niet uit

26-02-2004, 20:52
Ik vind em ook wel stoer, het gaat ten eerste om het idee.
Het werd tijd dat ze bij volkswagen wat meer gingen doen met concepten

26-02-2004, 22:32
Anti-conceptie pil voor VW-designers. Moeten eens met wat vernieuwends komen. Dit concept is allang door 307, Astra en M├ęgane beproefd.