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06-01-2006, 18:49
Hi all i´m new here.
I have a 74 bug and have a problem right now.

Here´s the story:

I had a 1641cc in my bug. It had electronic distributor with blue bosh coil and auto lite non electronic.

Just last week i changed to 1776cc with engle 110, stock heads and 31 pict carb. Daily driver bug.

Now.. when i started the engine i worked just fine. Washed all tins with some water and soup. I was careful not to water the distributor or coil but not sparks (they had the cables on). When i tried to turn the engine after washing it it didn´t start at the fist (i supposed the cables got wet), and started after the third time.

After running about 10 km it started to fail like. It was some jumpy aceleration. After turning a corner the car had no power. I was still turned on but when i released the clutch it wanted to turn off. Suddenly it turned off and that was it.

Then inmediately made test. There was no power at the cables. Released a spark plug cable, trowed it to tin and there was no light.
Also cheked for gasoline and the pump was working fine and the tank had about 4 gallons (about 15 lts).

I allways carry a centrifugal advance distributor with new cond and point, so i connected it and same thing. It didn´t start.

After that i went to bring a mechanic and he started it with the mecanic distributor i had installed. The car was running in 3 cyls now and took it to the guy house.

He said that it was probably the coil that isn´t for the electronic distributor and it is getting hot, and that when that happens it starts to fail cause it´s an old coil (it was 2 years old).

So i went to bosh distributor and bought a red electronic coil. He installed the coil and cleaned the spark lights and the car turned.

Now the problem is that when the car is cold it makes a sound like if it was in 3 cyls and fails and makes the same fail like when it started to fail at the beggining of the story.
After running a while it starts to work right.

The sparks plugs are the same for non electronic ignition.

Please help me solve this problem :confused:

09-01-2006, 23:54
The first thing that I noticed here is your carb. The 31 is very small for a 1776 engine, especially with the Engle W110 cam! I have a Type 3 with 1679 and the same cam and was adviced that the dual Solex 32 carbs were just about enough for my setup, so since you have an even bigger engine, I would look into replacing the carb.

Now, since you say that the engine runs on three cylinders while it's cold, it certainly sounds like a fuel problem since it runs good when it heats up. There is a possibility that the 31 cannot deliver enough fuel when the engine is cold and the choke mechanism is activated.

There is also a possibility that there is something wrong with the ignition system. I had similar problems with a 64 I had a couple of years ago, it didnt start at all. I replaced everything in the ignition system except the coil and distributor (which was the stock type). I ended up buying new plugs, points, rotor, dizzy cap, wires and everything else except the coil at the local VW dealer, because I was tired of messing with unoriginal parts that seemed to not work proper at all. I also replaced the gasoline and rebuilt the carburettor and the engine ran happier than ever before!

I dont know if this helps, but maybe it can shed some light on your situation?

10-01-2006, 00:02
thanks for the answer... yes the carb is small but doesn´t mean i has to run in 3 cyl..

I´ve already found the problem.

The main jet was a 120 and it was over drilled by some idiot making it pass to much gas and this made the plugs to go black and #2 wasn´t working at all and the others were barely working.

Changed the main jet to 127, changed plugs and timed.

Problem solved, engine runs very smooth now.

I´m going to change carb to dual 32/34 solex carbs maybe in feb.