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29-06-2006, 00:31
i have an 82 vw rabbit. currently needs a new tranny. car still runs and can be started up. just does not move. has the 1.6l carbed engine with 144,000 miles on here. new battery, gti wheels. car is rust free and pretty straight. sorry rack not included, going on my 84 rabbit. im asking $500 obo, price is negotinable you can reach me at 206 715 9551, Gavin or email skinny_pedal@hotmail.com

can be towed anywhere in the greater seattle area for $30

http://thumb5.webshots.com/t/38/38/8/53/97/2631853970085105245Hguktt_th.jpg (http://community.webshots.com/photo/2631853970085105245Hguktt)
http://thumb5.webshots.com/t/30/31/3/24/21/2407324210085105245XFksyi_th.jpg (http://community.webshots.com/photo/2407324210085105245XFksyi)
http://thumb5.webshots.com/t/42/43/5/8/5/2625508050085105245TYgLQG_th.jpg (http://community.webshots.com/photo/2625508050085105245TYgLQG)
http://thumb5.webshots.com/t/61/161/1/24/93/2780124930085105245GvIarq_th.jpg (http://community.webshots.com/photo/2780124930085105245GvIarq)