View Full Version : Need help finding wheels...

13-04-2004, 15:49
Ok...I've had a set of Borbet Type B's...the mesh ones, and a set of BBS RS that I've sold. I can't hold onto wheels mainly because I'm horribly indecisive.
thats my car...I want something that suits a more motorsport look. I don't mind non-european wheels but I'd prefer something smooth and clean looking. I have around 900 to spend on the wheels. Tires will come down the road. 16's or 17's...and I'd like them to be wider than 7.5 since 205/40's on 7.5's dont stretch enough :(
I was about to pick up a set of ATS Apollo's but the seller made a mistake on the wheels...and I'd like to pick up a set of Chrono Evo's, like the fella in this months pvw has. But they don't make them anymore.