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17-04-2004, 16:37
oooooooh :cool:
12000km on a rebuild
in storage for 15 years
needs paint
recently tuned up

hope this shit is good and sells cheap - it's an auction type sale.

time to grab a coffee and go... & ah well, at least in any condition it's worth only 3.5hours sleep to go see one :p considering they only brought those mofo's over here in 1973 and 1974.

17-04-2004, 18:44

sold for too much :(

was gonna buy it and flip it if it was good.

mechanically sound, needs paint & some bodywork and some of the floor to be cut out/welded in etc - not to mention reupholstering and so on - but it ran nice!

it SHOULD have sold for <$2500cdn - if it did, i'd have bid.

it was a church auction.. car was donated - fundraiser for a youth mission to mexico. (i bet the little shits aren't building houses and teaching farming/english, but rather - going to get right shit faced on cheap tequila:p:D)

it ended up selling for $3275cdn - which wouldn't have been too bad a price if i could do the major work myself for a couple hundred bucks and then flip it - but i don't have the skillset(s) or tools required. :( paying a shop to do the work would have gotten ridiculously expensive & then made it a really dumbass investment for resale.

i did buy a 4 channel 60watt blaupunkt stereo amp for $1cdn though lol - it's gonna power some of the cheapest paper 6x9's money can buy i tell ya!:p:D

17-04-2004, 18:44
oh ya, and i snapped off one pic of it - will post later.

04-08-2007, 21:22
and with later you mean?? :tongue: