View Full Version : 67 Beetle Steering/front End Problem

16-06-2007, 00:54
I have no vertical play in the front end but when I grab hold 12 and 6 I get a loose dok.dok. When i travel don the road and hit a pothole the front end shakes dramtically so I slow down and it stops . With the car on the ground I was under the front end and had someone turn the steering wheel. I can see that the top of the steering box moves, losse to the eye and the sound seems to come from it. I thought it might be the steering damper? Can this type of shaking come froma broken steering box or very loose box that needs adjusting? IS it Wheel bearing needs adjustment?

16-06-2007, 02:22
if the steering box has alot of play it's best to just replace it

16-06-2007, 18:14
I experienced a similar shake in a 68 once, and this was because the antiroll (sway) bar had come loose on one side.

A new steering box and new steering shock absorber will certainly help things out. Is there much play in the steering wheel? How much can you wiggle the steering wheel from side to side before the road wheels actually starts to move?