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04-11-2007, 19:42
bug truck Hellllooo! I have seen a picture on this site and several others; it’s the same picture. Its a pale (sage) green bug truck with stock rims painted white, it sits in a storage area with a brown storage some thing in the background. I just posted the image as well; its called "wanted"
there is also a water tank on the distant hillside. It has truck mirrors and I can see it has no back at where the beetle was cut and the truck bed was incorporated. That is probably because the back was just plywood cut to fit; If its the vw I think it is, it was built before there were "truck kits" by my 15-year-old brother. I would dearly like to find out where it "old paint" is. Who is the current owner, does it still exist somewhere, is it being cherished or abandoned, would it be for sale? Any information or leads that might help me track it down would be so greatly appreciated.
starseedaz@yahoo.com or IM yahoo: victorianadf98
Thanks! Lorena

27-11-2007, 02:41
BTW I new to this site. Do you happen to have a pic of this truck. I have this thing called a BUGVAN, It is similar to the Vandetta except there is no side skirts and the body is aircraft alumuinium. Currenty the body is on a early body But Im going to chane it to this 73 beetle, unless I sell it ..

29-04-2008, 07:35
If you go to the gallery and then search and type in bug truck you will see the picture of a bug converted into a truck