View Full Version : help i need parts for hub coversion

10-11-2007, 12:05
does anyone know what parts i need to convert my hubs on my scirocco to 5 x 100 stud spacing also change the rear brakes to discs from drums. Any help would be great thanks!

20-02-2008, 22:51
it's a litle late but better late then never :D

I think that you could use the rear axel hubs from a mk 3 GTI or VR6, they should fit. at least, 16v rear brakes etc are freely exchangable within th mk1, mk2 and mk 3 versions......
For the front you face various problems, what kind of enigine do you have at the moment? because the throtle shafts have various thiknes, so if you whant to convert your hubs from 4X100 to 5X100 you need to measur a lot of parts, joints, steeringrods etc etc, and also the attachement of the front suspension to the hub ( !!! )

but why the %^&%%@# do you whant to covert your hubs to 5X100?????
if its brakepower your looking for, just convert the rear brakes to disc brakes of any 16v, and buy adapters for mounting G60 brakecalipers on the front. this would be much more cost effecient, much easyer and an equal result brake prefomance. ( if you whant to take it a step further also replace the master brakecilinder for a G60 version )

good luck!

21-02-2008, 13:38
On my Mk2 16V I can swap just the rear disk for Mk3 GTI/VR6 5 lug ones. In the front the best think to do (in my opinion) is to modify/replace the wheel hub. So drill in 4 (on both sides) extra holes or just replace them both for custom made ones.

In the front you can't mount the Mk3 VR6 parts just P&P. You will have to modify what you have right now.

If you don't have rear disk brakes already I advice you (actually would we plain dangerous to do not do so) to mount the in-line adjusters of the Sirocco.