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07-12-2007, 21:38
Dear Friends of the VW Type 2,

Two months have now passed since we all celebrated the “60th Anniversary
of the VW Type 2” at the International VW Bus Meeting last October. Like
you, we reminisce about that event often and happily recall to mind the
world of emotions, excitement and feel-good mood it aroused in us.

We have since received a lot of requests for memorabilia, and we can now
respond to those requests by offering the ultimate memento of that meeting.
And you, our most loyal customers, are the first to be informed.

“60 Years VW Bulli * The Book” has gone to print!

The author Lutz Schilling and photographer Cliff Serna have compiled an
endearing 330-page retrospective on the event. “60 Years VW Bulli * The
Book” will be available for ordering before Christmas. It will be
published in A4-plus format in German and English and will cost 14.90 euro
(plus shipping charges). VW Type 2 clubs will be able to place collective

The work will be available exclusively via the www.vw-bulli.de website from
December 14. A special link will be placed there. This book will be a
must-have Christmas gift for all VW Type 2 enthusiasts, old-timer fans and,
of course, for everyone who visited the event in October.

The book features both studio shots of the most stunning VW Type 2 and
their owners as well as a catalogue of photos of almost all the registered
participant vehicles. A named listing of all the VW Type 2 owners
registered at the meeting is also included, and scene shots taken at the
event bear witness to the devotion of the enthusiasts to their VW Type 2
“buddies”. Needless to say, the story of this automobile (originally
soberly named “Type 2”) is also detailed in the book, with the author
looking back on 60 years of the vehicle’s development history.
Photographer Serna has added shots of the finest exhibits displayed at the
Wolfsburg Automobile Museum as well.

Kind regards

Your VW Type 2 Team