View Full Version : Porsche wheels on 1302

10-01-2008, 13:56
I have recently bouth Porsche Phone Dial wheels for my `71 1302 LS.
The diameter of the wheels is 16.
Knowing that a larger wheel can touch the front springs, I need to know from your experience what is the best solution in order to mount the rims without problems.
In my opinion there are 2 solutions.
1. New disck breack&drums 5 x 130 in order to fit the new wheels.
2. Fabricate (ou buy new) a flange in order to adapt from 4 X 130 to 5 x 130.

If anyone has try something similar, please tell me abouth. My biggest concern is the space. I do not want the tire to touch anything but the street.
I need the recipet (if is posibile with tyre dimensions).

13-02-2008, 22:01
not sure what he did, but Stijn had phone-dials on his notch for a while