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24-05-2008, 01:33
What do you get when you get students from VW Coaching GmbH and on old Caddy Life TDI ?

The Caddy Speed of course :D

In seven months arose from a used Caddy Life, built in 2004 in Wolfsburg a very special car: The Caddy Speed. The sporty white-blue eye-catcher was due to the general assembly of Volkswagen in Hamburg and the subsequent vehicle exhibition.

Not only for the visitors, including in the press was the Caddy speed with great interest: autobild.de reported in its tuning part on 30 April about IMAGE brought on 7 May a short article in the nationwide total output.

With the Caddy Speed put five vehicle mechatronics trainees by Volkswagen under the guidance of their trainer Sascha Spitzer their ideas by a sportier Caddy.

For special projects such as the vehicle speed Caddy plan the trainees all the steps from beginning to end and are also responsible for implementing them. At the end of something other then a Caddy: with 2.0 litre FSI turbo engine with 200 hp and direct transmission, tiefergelegt (8 cm rear, front 6 cm), 19-inch wheels, sport exhaust system, xenon headlamps, a bodykit and a Dackkantenspoiler thread and a chassis with a flip kit. Front GTI seats were built and how the rear seat with a blue leather and Alcantara related. In addition to the steering wheel is also the brakes, R32. To sport with the sports car, has a retractable rear cargo area with up to 80 kg load and a holder for two bicycles (the front wheels must be removed from the vessel) built.

It was important to the trainees also a special multimedia equipment of the vehicle. The Car PC with navigation, radio and DVD player is an external, pull-out keyboard (in the glove compartment housed) or by touch screen to operate. For passengers in the funds they also installed a system on other unanhängigen DVD player. Even the appearance of the striking single piece was clearly changed: The Caddy was painted with a blue and black Folienbeklebung.

Were involved in the project: The trainers Sascha Spitzer and the car - mechatronics-trainees Paylos Apostolidis, Timo Bertram, Philipp Biek, Dominik Keuneke and Tim Schneider.

Among other business groups supported many tuning and car accessories companies - twenty - the project: ABT, ACR, Audi Quattro GmbH, Blaupunkt, BN pipes GmbH, Bosch, Carpc, Car Trim, CM Design, Continental, Falk, Goodyear, IN Tuning, KW GmbH, Philips, Sitech GmbH, Sortimo, Traganti, Volkswagen Individual, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.










Images from autobild & VW Coaching GmbH.

24-05-2008, 11:37
Cool! The roof mounted DVD could have been done a bit nicer though...

25-05-2008, 09:54
i like the wheels and stance

11-06-2008, 18:59
with the rest of it they can hit that damn GTI concept from Wörtersee....