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23-08-2008, 00:39

Aussie spec pics here beware low res ;)

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is excited to introduce the latest addition in the Crafter series. Based on the Crafter 50 platform, the Hannover Bus will re-write the rule book on luxury bus transport.

Featuring 14 seats and a huge cargo area, the Hannover Bus is sure to be a hit with airport shuttle operators, tour and resort operators, taxi and limousine serviced operators, the care industry or anyone that has a need to move 13 people and large luggage in class.

All 13 passenger seats are fitted with 3-point seatbelts and offer excellent legroom for each passenger. Aisle seats are equipped with armrests for enhanced comfort. The high roof, grab handle rail and retractable electronic side step ensure easy walking access. The luggage compartment on the Hannover Bus measures 0.97m x 1.77m making it ideal for all occasions. With extensive luxuries such as full interior trim and tinted windows the Hannover Bus is a true winner in the luxury small bus market.

Driver comfort has also been considered with the Hannover Bus. Features such as comfort driver seat with suspension, electric windows and door mirrors are all standard. Other standard features include park distance control for front and rear, a multi-function steering wheel and remote central locking.

Available with the strong 100kW @ 3,500rpm / 300Nm @ 2,000rpm 2.5 litre TDI engine, the Hannover Bus pulls away swiftly and cleanly. This TDI engine is characterised by using the latest third-generation Common Rail injection engineering. Seven-bore injection nozzles using ultra-accurate piezo control inject the fuel into the combustion chamber, and thanks to pre- and post-injection in up to five cycles per injection procedure. In normal operation, three cycles are used, with post-injection serving to assist in regeneration of the particulate filter which is fitted as standard.

All in all, this produces a perfect vortex in the fuel-air mix in the combustion chamber, even pressure build-up in the cylinder, with a corresponding high level of smooth operation in the power unit, which works economically and produces low levels of pollutants. The engine comes with VTG (variable turbine geometry) turbocharger and delivers a high power boost and corresponding good tractive power even at low rpm.

The cooling circuit in the cast iron engine block and the aluminium cylinder head has been completely overhauled. For example, the flow now runs longitudinally rather than laterally through cylinder head. The aim of the measures is to achieve better cooling for a lower volume flow, and thus as low an output as possible from the water pump, in turn meaning lower loss of performance from the engine.

The Hannover Bus is not just powerful, with a long lifetime - it also runs cleanly with the 2.5 TDI conforming to Euro 4 (truck licensing) and EU4 (passenger car licensing). Behind this lies a comprehensive concept for cleaning the exhaust gas: the engine comes as standard with a particulate filter mounted close to the engine, directly on the exhaust manifold. Given the prevailing high exhaust gas temperatures at that point, it works without additives and is self-regenerating and maintenance-free. Regeneration takes place as required, by burning off the particle residues in the filter. Should the exhaust gas temperature for this not be hot enough during normal driving, the temperature is increased for a short while by one or two post-injections of fuel.

Connected to this engine is a Power Take Off compressor which powers a secondary air-conditioner for the rear passengers. The air-conditioner is controlled by a set of integrated controls on the dash with temperature control and fan speed control. A multi speaker cabin sound system is fitted to the passenger area. The vehicle exterior is distinguished by standard silver metallic paint with a colour matching air conditioning cover on the roof. A rear step and amber side illumination complete the standard exterior features.

Safety forms an important aspect of the Hannover Bus with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Programme) and dual front airbags as standard. The passenger area is equipped with emergency hammers for the windows and a fire extinguisher. Additionally it is fitted with a switchable alarm system with interior monitoring.

The basis of the high active safety in the Hannover Bus is its equally comfortable, generous and supremely solid chassis. It features independent front wheel suspension with lower wishbone control arms, transverse leaf springs and shock-absorber struts. The rear continues to feature a rigid driven axle with parabolic springs installed longitudinally.

The chassis can be steered easily and its characteristics like the ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Programme) provide assistance even to less experienced drivers when faced with critical driving situations.

On the Hannover Bus, the front axle uses a transverse leaf spring in a composite material. On the one hand, this saves weight when compared to a conventional steel spring, and on the other hand the new kind of spring gives greater stability to the vehicle. A new central spring support simplifies the process of balancing the chassis, since the spring is largely freed from the axle guide.

The front axle is equipped with a stabiliser which is similarly available with a strengthened finish. Tauter shock absorbers with a softer characteristic, the mechanical and acoustic decoupling of the front axle module from the body, and support for the wishbone control arms results in further-improved handling, a more comfortable ride and better noise reduction when compared to the predecessor model.

Fitted out at Volkswagen Special Body Workshop (SCS) in Hannover Germany, the Hannover Bus offers a superior factory solution to the small bus market which also carries Volkswagen Crafter’s 3 year / 200,000km warranty.

With a Recommended Retail Price of $114,990 *, the Hannover Bus represents superb value and a new level of luxury people transport and is available for sale in Australia now.



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the busses are built in Düsseldorf by Mercedes benz manufactory

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