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13-11-2008, 06:41
Hello sciroccofriends and newcomers,
the register 4 is officially opened. You can find the NEW SCIROCCO under
Kartei4: Typ13. There have been already registered 149 entries through fairs,
events, test drives, etc. This is a good start and I am lucky about
each additional item. The owners of Corrado will certainly catch up soon, right? First register on the management tool and then insert your item(s). Good luck!


Since january 2008 the register has changed. After 6 years of my own hard work entering and publishing each of the 1600 entries the work is complete.
The Register has a database and every user is responsible for their own entry.

The new LOGIN for old entries works as follows:
Your email address used in your entry is of great importance.
Click the button REGISTER NOW. Enter your data. Once the registration
is complete you'll receive an email in which you will have
to confirm your registration. Only then can you log in.

During REGISTRATION (or the first login) all vehicles entered by a user
will be assigned to that user. This works through the email identifier.
For this purpose you must enter the same email address during
login which you have originally provided to the Register. Because you
have to confirm the registration by email, you have then also confirmed
your email address. This ensures that only the right Sciroccos end
up in a user's profile. At a later date you can using the management
tool modify your data, club, HP, VIN,
attach a picture of your Scirocco, Corrado, New Scirocco etc.

There is folder for uploading your picture. The picture will automatically
receive a red marker. The text is generated dynamically.
"Sciroccokartei.de Kartei 2:444" This marker would, for example,
mean Register #2 (because of the 53b), and number 444 denotes the entry
number in Register #2.
The numbers have changed slightly because some of the old numbers
were used twice. All entries have
now been correctly renumbered.


Another scenario: A Scirocco without an email address, or where the
user has changed their email address. Such a user may use a new email
address, and re-register their Scirocco using their new email address.
Vehicles affected by this will unfortunately remain orphan entries.

I'm open to suggestions for improvement (info(a)sciroccokartei.de)!
International entries are encouraged ...