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28-11-2008, 18:44
VW hooked up with the world's leading sail maker, North Sails, to help design this special edition Touareg whose aim was to reduce consumption at no expense of performance.
The VW Touareg North Sails special edition touts a 9 percent increase in fuel economy. This is accomplished by apparently doing some tweaking of the transmission to axle transfer points. Still, getting the colossal Touareg to come in under 10 liter/100 km for the diesel version is an impressive accomplishment (VW claims 9.2 l for the 2.5 TDI 6-speed manual and 9.3 l/100 km for the V6 TDI automatic).

And the smooth sailing theme adopted by this efficient-ized Touareg also brings some lux goodies care of the maritime world. On the exterior we get fog lights (naturally), new 19" wheels and side mirrors and reflectors equipped with aquamarine blue colored lenses. The Chrome & Style package includes silver roof rails, bi-xenon headlmaps with dynamic curve lighting and 65% tinted windows.

The interior gets a sailor's do over too. There's Nappa leather seats with aquamarine seam piping, North Sail labeled stainless steel entry strips and Alcantara headliner in off-white. Unfortunately, the binoculars and compass plus oak floor paneling seen on the design study won't make it to the production version.

The VW Touareg North Sails special edition is now available for order for 56,450 euros. Contact your local VW dealer or yacht club for details.

http://www.worldcarfans.com/90...er-de (http://www.worldcarfans.com/9081128.010/vw-touareg-north-sails-special-edition-now-available-to-order-de)