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21-09-2004, 19:52
Volkswagen Gol is based on first generation of Audi 50/Polo (typ 86).

The engine 1.6, 1.8 e 2.0 are the same used in Europe, like I told, with little mods and Magneti Marelli management.

The 2 liter engine isn't the long rod actual version and don't have cross flow head. So, after 4.500 the engine seems a little noisy and harsh. But offers more low end torque than Passat 35i and Golf III version imported by Volkswagen of Brazil.

The most powerful Gol ever, was GTi 16v, is produced on the second generation. With 2 liter 16v engine with audi 80 transmission to be mounted longitudinally with 142cv. The wagon model, named PARATI receives a GTI 16v engine too, but just few was produced, hard to find, extremelly expensive, and more beautifull than Gol. This GTi model was exclusive equipped with Pirelli P700z tires, Recaros, lower suspension, sway bar in rear suspension and all that GTi stuff.

This color of this model show in the pics is exclusived borrowed from Audi, in this colour VW offer two tone leather interior (Colour Concept package). Little agressive, but is nice. The hood has a bubble, too acomodate the engine. (159mm)

Gol is the entry model of VW do Brazil. So i'll show the hottest versions.

This is the first sportive model, GOL GT, in 1985

Gol GT 1.8

The second was Gol GTS in 1987 and 1988 the first GTi, first model with electronic injection here in Brazil. Too late like most things...

GTS (red) GTi (blue)


There was another facelift in 1991, with GTi and GTS version.


GTS 1.8/S

In 1994 VW launches the second generation (AB9), in 1995 GTi 2.0 8v, and 2.0 16v in 1996. After some time, the GTi 8v changes the name to TSi 2.0. GTi only with 16v in this time.

GTi 8v

GTi 16v




Parati GTi 16v


Gol GTi 16v 5 doors

Gol TSi 2000

In 1999 there was a facelift, and the GTi 16v survives in Gol and Parati, but now look too discret, like a normal Sportline version. After 2 or 3 years the GTi production was finish.

Gol GTi 16v


In year 2000 VW launches the 16v Turbo engine with 112cv 5.500rpm and 15.5kgmf at 2.000 to 4.000rpm. Amazing 1liter 16v, VVT, Bosch Motronic 3.8.3 and a little turbo to pump even in low rpm, and a lot of features. with no doubt, is the most advanced engine produced in this country yet, this engine makes Gol more fun and fast than a 2liter version. has an incredible performance with that real short gear ratios. One cheap car with a GTi spirit.

Last month, production of this engine finished...


Gol 16v Turbo

Parati 16v Turbo

The result, in our market we dont have more a cheap sport car. The only offer of VW now resumes on Golf IV GTi 1.8T 180cv and limited edition Golf Sport with 150cv.

And now look at a Gol tuned by Hellbr├╝gge in Brazil, with Quattro transmission borrowed from audi 80 S2. With 2 liter turbo engine that produces 500cv when this pictures was taken. The car is awesome. The owner now intend put a VR6 engine longitudinally mounted like that Passat 32b VR6 turbo syncro from RSTuning. The car is waiting for the engine i a famous speedshop in Brazil

Gol GT4 (look at the beast)



Sorry for the longest text ever. but i hope now you all now a little about the better modelos of brazilian Gol (BX and AB9).

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Very interesting, thanks !!

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Definitely interesting...there's another VW world out there!

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i LOVE info like this :eek:

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Great info, but you forgot to mention that the Gol was originally equipped with an aircooled engine from the Beetle (Kever/NL - Fusca/BR)

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I show only the hottest versions in this topic...

This kind of information we have on Gol History article on www.volkspage.net about that...