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31-01-2009, 15:35
This is the '73 I picked up about a few years or so ago. Saved it from being cut up for scrap.

Pans are bad. Body is in real good shape, only a couple of rust issues to deal with. Couple of dents in the drivers side where the fenders took a hit.
Once completed it will look like a '70 model which is my favorite year.
But since I don't have one... I'll make due with what I do have.

Mods I have planed:
1_ Watson's StreetWorks modular wiring kit.
2_ Remove the fat chick vents behind the quarter windows.
3_ Seal up the fuel door and change it to like pre '68 models.
4_ Fill in the fresh air vents in the trunk lid, and in the dash. ( I'd rather have the windows down)
5_ Shaved front turn signals with H4 headlights.
6_'70 model tail lights.
7_ 2" Narrowed beam with adjusters, factory style front disc brakes.(no kit)

This is the pics PO took of it... So they are the before.


This is a Bus Selecta view of my goal for "The after."


It begins:

Unbolted pan. Done fair, only broke two bolts. Removed fuel tank and unwired what was left hooked up.


Jacked up the car and seperated it from the pan. Walked pan out the side with a floor jack so I wouldn't have to raise it so high. Winds can be a problems out here. Like last night, I've got buckets and other stuff scattered out every where today... It will give the kids something to do after school. :twisted:

Removed the AC condenser. Discovered the passenger side lower tube on the beam appears to be bent back about a 1/2 inch. Hummmm.... Hit something with the tie down loop I suspect. It's been displaced from it's original position.


Removed the axles & trany. Just have to bring my sawsall home from work Monday and prepair to do some cutting.

Picked up replacement beam, got a good sterring box to boot. :)
Waiting on rotors to be re stocked so I can order them... I need them to measure for the narrowing...

After waiting two months for my main supplier to restock their disc rotors with the centering ring I gave up and went to AircooledParts. That was last Thusday. I went yesterday and picked them up. Yea!

This project has been on hold due to $$$ issues. Things are looking up for work to resume this spring of 2009. :)

31-01-2009, 22:09
that rust isn't too bad.... gotta love texas