View Full Version : Mk3 Vr6???

17-10-2004, 02:29
Im sure its been done. Anyone have pics or info. TIA

17-10-2004, 05:57
i think there's an english one.. don't have pics though... ALEX!!!!

17-10-2004, 18:28
Mk3 as in 91-94 model? Never seen one of those with a VR, it's hard enough to install a 1.8 in those.

23-10-2004, 17:58

23-10-2004, 18:53
Nice fotoshop Sjon :p :D

29-10-2004, 22:27

04-11-2004, 14:43
Apparently there is one over here in the UK.. I have never seen it.

I have seen video footage of the two above running low 12 passes though.

Spoke to a few companies over here about converting mine to vr, but basically they aint interested. Designa dubs say it would be easier to put the engine in the back, and JBS said that they weren't interested in vr6's but would do a 1.8T conversion.

Figured that I don't want to pay up to £10k for an engine conversion on the polo when I could buy a mk2 golf and put my vr6 in that for less than £5k.

Would be nuts in a polo, but so much fabrication would be needed.

Custom subframes, custom wishbones, custom driveshafts... then you have to get front suspension in, powersteering rack.... the engine bay would need to be seam welded for extra strength...

Too much work.

I'm going back to mk2 Golfs.

04-11-2004, 14:45
I have another pick of the white polo above.

It's infact a mk2 with a facelift mk3 front end. Not alot under the bonnetis polo. The front strut towers have been replaced with mk3 Golf items... christ knows what else has been done though.