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12-11-2009, 14:58
Hey all, I'm starting my 16vG60 build and figured we should have a thread going on here!

Plz share your experiences, post pix and numbers, of course :thumbup:

Actually, I'd like to see some pix of custom serp. belt routing, where alt is mounted under the charger.

cheers! :thumbup:


12-11-2009, 14:59
Check out Martinus in the Dutch section, he's currently building one and has posted loads of pics in his thread.

12-11-2009, 17:28
Check out Martinus in the Dutch section, he's currently building one and has posted loads of pics in his thread.

thnx man, but it looks like like he's going with an alt behind the head setup...

now, who's gonna hook me up with a 50mm scirocco intake mani? :D

12-11-2009, 17:32
thnx man, but it looks like like he's going with an alt behind the head setup...

now, who's gonna hook me up with a 50mm scirocco intake mani? :D


Not me, but that reminds me, I still gotta pick up the one I bought almost a year ago. :D

18-11-2009, 15:47
Alrite! Yesterday was quite a productive day at the shop! We had this junk 9A sitting on the engine stand so I figured I'll use it for my mock up. I experimented with several different ways of belt routing and came up with this:


plz pardon the filthiness of the setup - it's only a mock up from the spares I had sitting around. Almost all of it is oem vw parts, no fabrication other than modifying the main g60 bracket to accommodate the alt.

serp belt setup:
crank pulley - shaved ABA item
tensioner idler - subaru serp belt idler
idler - from ABA serp tentioner
alt - ABA/VR6 alt (might have to look for a smaller unit)

aba crank v-belt pulley
w.pump - mk3 turbo diesel
p. steering - 9A item.

I was gonna run w.pump from the serp belt also but that would make the belt routing bit more complicated. I'm gonna try fitting P.steering pump today with bracketry. I hope it'll work out!

cheers! :)

18-11-2009, 16:15
Those clamps aren't oem. :sly:

Other than that, it's looking good! :D

20-11-2009, 13:58
cheers! ;)

ok, got the PS setup figured out! Also got rid of the scooby roller; installed oem idler from an aba instead. Anyone has any idea what smaller alt I could use?



20-11-2009, 14:19
this is what you need:



I got it from this (http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1784212&page=27) thread

20-11-2009, 18:32
Thnx man, I got it all figured out already, xpt the alternator - some say aba alt causes clearance issues. :(

21-11-2009, 17:14
I would try to get more belt covering the alt pulley. The way it is now will be causing some problems when you switch on a big electricity consumer. The belt has too little pulley to hold on to.

23-11-2009, 17:14
I would try to get more belt covering the alt pulley. The way it is now will be causing some problems when you switch on a big electricity consumer. The belt has too little pulley to hold on to.

yes, I got a TDi timing belt roller that is gonna go where the top mounting bolt for the alt is; it's gonna give more wrap around the charger pulley also...

27-11-2009, 16:32
quick update - made a tensioner bracket from a mk3 v-belt one. still having hard time figuring out how to mount the tdi roller. i need a custom double-ended bolt made i guess...

08-12-2009, 15:35
ok, got my belt routing and tensioner all figured out now!


08-12-2009, 15:36
that looks like it should work..

Herm Schreurs
08-12-2009, 22:47
You can buy those belts in all length-sizes possible.
I did it like this:

Check out all the pics:
album1 (http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=TJY8C6P4)
album2 (http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=6CKWDBCI)
album3 (http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=B3ZDGL7I)

I started my own firm in those rebuilds, as wll as the uniball-connections for the track control arms, rear axle, balance brake systems and topmounts.
I do complete rebuilds and engine swaps as well.
Website will follow soon!

Keep up the good work!!

10-12-2009, 20:36
cool project, Herrum! I'd be concerned about having my alt sitting that low - it'd get stuffed with dirt real quick...

17-12-2009, 06:44
Did more work today...


really can't wait to fire it up!
Btw what did u guys do about the coolant flange on the front of the head?


Herm Schreurs
22-12-2009, 23:58
Not concerned about your alternator suddenly?
There are polo's with the alternator there from the factory.

You can use the KR, 9A or ABF front coolant flange.
I used the Bahnbrenner item for tho engines. they don' sell it anymore.
I still have got one spare. It's a bille aluminium-item with the outlet not straight to the front side but to the right-side towards the gearbox so you can do the plumbing really nice. it has a billet housing which can take the black and blue original coolant-temperature senders.
if you are interested please send me an email:
i can send you some pics and if desired more info.

23-12-2009, 22:25
email sent, Herrum! :D

the alternator biz - I took some measurements and it looks like i should have plenty of space for the alt. The engine is goin into a mk2 with a mk3 cross member; everyone who complained bout clearance have the engine in a corrado (maybe they mounted the alt slightly different)... we'll see, I'll have a closer look at this in a week or so.
coolant flange - i have a stock one (9a) on my mock up and totally can't see how it could work!!!


22-01-2010, 17:41
alrite, quick update - alt is in place. tight fit, but should clear the crosmember. I fabbed up a front coolant flange outta stock one, one of my buddies in EU is ordering me an ABF side flange that accepts a sensor. I also discovered that my fuel rail that i bought used is broken! got ripped off dammit!!!! :mad: I left it with my friend who welds aluminium, he might be able to fix it.

02-02-2010, 23:03
lil update - fuel rail has been fixed! Got my serp belt sorted - 1205mm. Bought injector cups, some misc things like breather plate fittings etc. also ordered this AWIC core from frozenboost:


aaand scored this rx7 oil cooler that I'm going to use as a heat exchanger for my awic setup. this thing is massive! (googled pic):


now i just have to find a proper 12v water pump!


05-05-2010, 17:07
Damn, it's been a long time since I posted... anyways, not much to post about, xpt I scored some major parts - ported 1.8 head, 8.5:1 JE's for 9A.
oh ye, drove the GTi for the first time today since november... :redface:

24-01-2012, 21:33
If anyone cares, I'm still alive and kickin! Things havn't been going my way until now, so project was put on hold... But now everything is crisp, got my engine together :tongue:


crappy pic of teh bucket, b4 it went into storage for winter


stay tuned! :)

24-01-2012, 21:49
Engine is lookin' good :thumbup:

Good luck building!

24-01-2012, 23:50
that engine has a nice "vibe" going ;)

02-02-2012, 08:23
thnx guys!

latest update - dropped the car off at my friend's shop for a respray! :D

03-02-2012, 02:54
we have started the disassembly! As expected, there was some rot under the rear flares, but nothing that's TOO far gone.....i hope :drill:

04-02-2012, 17:51


04-02-2012, 19:13
woooooot, PROGRESS!!

15-02-2012, 06:00
woooooot, PROGRESS!!

yes yes!

The good news: Car is all primed, I'm going to spend the next week sanding it.
I also scored a few parts - used but mint door glass seals/trim, brand new OEM lower timing belt cover for 9A.
Today I ordered 30lb bosch injectors and a BBM 16vG60 chip for digi1. I think it's a good combo to start with.
Tomorrow I'm gona start working on my headliner board - it's cracked in at least 25 places! PO tried fixing it using some sorta scotch tape. It is quite bastardized but no missing pieces!

Now, the bad news: My door mouldings are fukt; no way to attach clips to them. And ofcourse they are NLA from the dealer. Anyone can help me out?
Actually, the end clips are still holding fine on both pieces, perhaps I'll be able to get away using 2-way tape instead of the rest of the clips. But even then it'd be a gettofix :(


16-02-2012, 06:12
wtf is this shit!?!?!


Today I spent a couple of hrs fixing the headliner board - whatta waste of time! :mad: On a positive note - it's progressing alright and fabrics store is just around the corner from my place; potetially it could be finished next week! (ya, right)


14-03-2012, 14:32
ok, the car got painted! turned out really nice, however my friend thought it'd be a good idea to sand the clear with 1200 grit, then 1500 and then 2000 to eliminate orange peel :screwy:
moar sanding... hopefully it'll get re-cleared by the end of this week! btw we r using top of De line De Beer clear. it's $$$ but rrreally shiny!!!! :D

progress pic:


14-03-2012, 15:28
what color is that??

30-03-2012, 06:59
it's black, lighting makes it look weird!
anyways, I've been really busy with work, havn't seen my car in a week, so, no real updates. Finished sanding orange peel - never again, lol! I did pick up few misc parts and modified the rad support to fit AWIC heat exchanger; I decided against that mazda oilcooler I posted earlier in favor of B&M 70266 "Supercooler". It fits perfectly behind the grill.
Also my HDD crashed and took all progress pix with it (not that the car looks much different than in the pic above). I'm going to the shop this weekend, hopefully I'll have something to post about.
cheers! :cheers:

08-04-2012, 19:06
ok, the good news - it's finally all painted, and I've started putting it back together! Turned out really nice!


trollface? lol

bad news - found some serious rust on a strut tower hiding under the seam sealer. not cool. it IS fixable tho, gona work on it next week!

cheers! :cheers:

08-04-2012, 21:26
damn, sucks you only found that AFTER paint...

02-03-2013, 07:29
damn, sucks you only found that AFTER paint...

Allright! I'm still here, still alive :D

My project totally pissed me off when I found more rust (see above) ...and then more rust :mad: Then some life events took priority etc...

I was honestly thinking of quitting this whole mk2 thing all together!
but , nah, it'd be too easy! ;)

so, more rust issues - the whole firewall needed to be redone, rain tray cut out etc..


aaand from the inside:


this was a bit of a set back but we got it all sorted proper!


I used Por15 rust paint on floor boards, then applied roofing material simialr to dynomat. kinda getto but it worked well on a couple of my buddys' projects so I went with it.

Original carpet under padding was all rotted out; I had to get a roll of generic stuff. It's quite time consuming to cut and glue all the pieces so the carpet sits nice and snug. almost as bad as the headliner job :mad:

work in progress pic

More pix soon as I'm sorting thru what's left of my albums since my laptop also has crashed!

Meanwhile, some tru old skool for ya - my friends found this in a bag of shop rags. dated 1989 :D