View Full Version : will the name Auto Union make a comeback?

15-12-2004, 13:09
Reuters / December 14, 2004
FRANKFURT -- Volkswagen is considering changing its name to avoid confusion between the group which would revive the name used in the 1930s of a predecessor to its Audi unit, -- Bild reported on Tuesday.

The Volkswagen Group owns, in addition to the brand that bears its name, no less than Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti as well as a partial share in commercial truck manufacturer Scania.

Bild reported that, amongst other names, the Auto Union name is being considered. Without siting sources, Bild further reported that the Volkswagen Group’s chief executive Bernd Pischetsrieder opposes the change to Auto Union.

15-12-2004, 15:18
it's probably better to change the name of the group into Auto Union

15-12-2004, 15:23
that's what they're saying VAG would become Auto Union

15-12-2004, 15:32
and rename the audi topmodel Horch again. Like merc has its Maybach