View Full Version : U've gotta help me out!!

16-12-2004, 21:10
Hi every1, im grinny20800, i ve just registered for this forum, as i wanna get more into the vdub scene. I past my test bout 2 months ago & im drivin around in a '93 mk3 golf, thing is its only a 1.4, don't laugh it gets me from A to B, but thing is, it doesn't look that nice at the mo. I ve just brought myself the vento front end wit the de-badged grill (but gotta wait 2 more weeks for them to come from germany), also i ve got a new VR6 bumper, with crystal clear fogs and indicators. thing is im missin the plastic strip that goes along the top of the front bumper, i was wonderin if any of u guys would have 1 for sale & if know of ne1 sellin a complete rear bumper off a VR6 golf, if ne1 could help me out i would really appreciate it, my email add is germanjamey@hotmail.com, keep it cool!