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26-12-2004, 17:15
Hi everyone,

I have a passat '93 and this one has powered seatbelts. But since a few weeks both belts do not go open when the front-passenger opens the door.
I have checked all fuses under the steering wheel but they seem ok. I also checked if there is any plug wich isn't properly connected, but they all seem ok to me.
I think it has to be a elektric problem because they both refused to work at the same time.

Has anyone experience with this problem and knows how to solve this or are there any schemes where i can find where the wires for the powered seatbelt are placed in the car.


(sorry for my bad englisch)

27-12-2004, 04:48
i think it will be dificult to solve this problem, because power seatbelts weren't sold in europe.