View Full Version : Air cooled specialist in South West England

30-12-2004, 15:04
If anyone is looking for a decent air cooled specialist, look no further than Exeter Bug Centre, they did my bus and I'm well chuffed and the best thing is it's on their home page as well :biggrin:

They do it all really, and really well too. Check out their website


30-12-2004, 15:10
damn nice commercial you made. Hope you'll get your discount now. LOL

A1 Goodies
29-11-2005, 23:44
There's another place in that area now, similar name to me, but it's A1 VdubZ and they can be found on

Dubdoctors (http://www.dubdoctors.com)

Just click on the South West of England.

It's a good place to find specialists on