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25-01-2005, 17:52
can any one help, going to get me some 13" wheels for me 79 golf. thinking about 13" x 7 on front and then 13" x 8 on back. what ET (means off set - right?) will i need for front and back, should it be the same?, and is there anything else i need to know. don't really want fit spaces if i can help it!

25-01-2005, 18:45
These are mattig's, 7j in front and 8j at the back...rocks :cool:


25-01-2005, 21:57
From what ive seen over the years is that at the back 8 x 13 et 0 did fit ... with extreme lowering .
Stay around 7 x 13 et 20 and ur more then safe .
Wheels are a bit cheaper in that range too coz the lower the et and the wider the wheel the bigger the demand .
Hope this answer helped u

25-01-2005, 22:13
et = offset for our overseas friends ;)

07-04-2005, 03:06
im looking to put 13x8's et1 on my mk2 tryin to get that oldskool look but i recon im gonna need to change the brake set up i think although im not certain eny advice would be great????????????????????????????????