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25-01-2005, 18:46
VWVortexer DoktaJoch posted this in The Car Lounge the other day.

Dear car loungers, I'm going to tell you a story that happened to my car (and somehow also to me) in the last few weeks. This story is however not for those who are faint at heart. If you are underaged you should better leave this thread because of its cruelty NOW!

Okay, for those who still want to go on...

When I came back to Sweden after the holydays which I spend in Germany with my families and my friends I unfortunately did not find my car in that spot where I had parked it in december before leaving by plane (which is way cheaper than if I would have gone by car).

(My car - When it still was my car...)

After contacting the Police I was told, that the car was not towed (there went my last hopes...) but was apparently been stolen. So far, so sad, at least, I had relatively good insurance, so when the time comes you will see a nice "What to buy"-thread by me.

Then, last wednesday, I get a message from my family in Germany, that the Swedish police has send a message to the German police, that my car was found. Instead of contacting me directly. :screwy: So I called them, they basically told me, that the car had been found stripped about 90km/55mls north-west of Stockholm.

As I wanted to say good-bye after 5 years of driving together and the insurance company needs pictures as proof I got a Rental for today and went where the car was supposed to be. The place I searched was not exactly precisely described and my map was rather bad, so I met a lot of friendly Swedes on the way, telling me where to go.

Then I finally found the place where it was...

(if you look closely you can already see something)

...and was shocked.


This was all, what was left of my Passat. The guys had done some serious work!

They basically left 4 parts of the car there.


Right front


Right back


Left back

And finally the most complete part of all...


Left front. As you can see, the pedals and parts of the steering collumn are still there. Even the height adjustion of the steering wheel was still working...

Anybody needs cheap parts? ;)


I couldn't help it. On last time, my foot where it was for 5 years. On the accelerator. :D

Oh! And last but not least my faithful rental:


Opel Corsa 1.2

And yes, those are spiked winter tires and yes there were a lot of narrow snowy countryroads and yes I'd like to participate in next years Ralley Championship. :laugh: This was actually the part that saved the day.

Finally I want to thank one of the ca. three inhabitants of Faringe-Österbol who was very very helpful when I was searching for the "Car" and another Thank you goes to McDonalds Uppsala for occupying such beautiful girls. (No photo though.) :D

25-01-2005, 18:51
Damn, that's serious shit.

25-01-2005, 21:49
holy..... that's some professional chopshop

25-01-2005, 21:50
f*cked up...

25-01-2005, 21:54
Holy shit ! this hurts...

26-01-2005, 11:14
Holy shit, that's some serious chopping!

26-01-2005, 11:17
but why a B4. parts are plentyfull and cheap. the complete car shouldn't fetch more then maybe 3 grand??

26-01-2005, 14:33
people from russia or other eastern country's steal a lot of cars in sweden. mostly mercedes volkswagen and bmw.
I hope you get your money back from the insurance.

26-01-2005, 19:43
Yes, many cars are stolen in Sweden by people from Eastern Europe and Russia, but they usually do this to bring the car out of the country, so that it can be sold and registered there. My guess is that they had a crashed and trashed B4 and needed a free parts car for a free repair.