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16-03-2011, 19:56
hi guys,

here my "daily" youngtimer....

*my Sporti Seats (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline1-11.jpg)

*my Sporti efH Panel (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline2-11.jpg)

*my Sporti Rearseats (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline3-11.jpg)

*my Sporti Detail (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline4-11.jpg)

*my Sporti Outsidepicture (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline5-11.jpg)

*my Sporti Dashboard (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline6-11.jpg)

*my Sporti Frontseats (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline7-11.jpg)

*my Sporti Rearfootroom (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline8-11.jpg)

*my Sporti Winterwheels "clean" (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline9-11.jpg)

*my Sporti Rearview (outside) (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/Sportline10-11.jpg)

some facts:

*1.8l Gti powered (PF upgrade) 2H Engine
*LPG KME Diego G3 with 50l Tank installed
*complete Chrompaket installed (inside & outside)
*Hiltrac modified justable coils (with Bilstein Frontparts)
*Mk1 Limo Frontgrill
*Mk1 black Frontemblem
*US Tail
*Fifft NEW (by buying new) red Tails
*chromed overoll cover
*Mercedes Benz SLK rearview mirror
*Audi 80 serial Chromed doorlocks
*PG G60 Alternator (90A)

and some new black powdered engine parts are following in the next few days...

enjoy and hope all like it..

reg Kevin

09-04-2011, 09:42
and here some new poudered parts for my black Sportline...

before finishing:
before picture (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/gepulverteTeile1.jpg)

after finishing:
after picture (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/gepulverteTeile5.jpg)


greetings Kevin

09-04-2011, 10:36
Love the sporty detail!

12-04-2011, 10:00
thank you... i love that too.. i have searched many years for a black one like these...

10-05-2011, 16:46
so guys.. here my "modfied" Ice OEM Wheels ready to install....

a sample picture before the changes and work:

Sample before (http://www.supreme-ev.de/images/FireIce0.jpg)

and here some pics finished:


now, i still watched and try the wheels on both cars for have a look installed.. mmhh hope it works and looks fine..

Regards Kevin

22-07-2011, 17:42
Since you already had an introductionthread, i moved this to watercooled projects. Hope you don't mind ;)

13-12-2013, 08:10
have a look on edition38 mate, poss get yourself a bargain or pistonheads as a few on there also.