View Full Version : recommend a printer????

17-01-2012, 15:28
My printer just gave up. The cartridges are completely clogged and there is no hope or help from the cleaning cycle in clearing it.. Now i don't know what printer to buy. I'd want a printer which has a head as part of the cartridge, since I don't want another dead printer when the head clogs. I'll look much on the photo quality,replaceable heads and also has cheap printer ink cartridges. My budget is less than $300.. really need some recommendations..

17-01-2012, 15:39
HP 1102w, is a great b&w laser printer with wireless support, very happy with mine!

17-01-2012, 15:52
After several HP printers which all had problems I switched to Canon. Still happy with it. Cartridge pricing isn't too bad either.

19-10-2012, 19:56
Problems with clogged up print heads keep resurfacing here from time to time, i allways get the wife's nail varnish remover out and soak the part in it, works everytime, but the fact that i need to clean it now and then says something about the frequency it is used here....;)

26-04-2015, 09:16
HP printer is wonderful.
I have bought it for 4 years and it still runs well.

21-02-2017, 18:04
Epson xp420 running for 5 years, no problems, cheap cartridges.