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08-02-2012, 20:20
Good day everybody

I have a question...

I have got a 1984 VW 1.3 Polo GT. The problem is, he refuse to start during the cold period. Not only when it is freezing -15 but also when it is about -2. Does anybody know what it could be? Or what I need to do? By warming the carburator with a paintstriper, he will start, but using a jumpstarter towards another car, he doesn't start. Currently I am using a 45AH, 400A startcurrent battery.

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wiebe naberman

08-02-2012, 20:31
Do you press the gas pedal fully down once before you start? By doing this the automatic choke is activated.

08-02-2012, 21:23
yes I heard that I need to do that, but how can I see if it works? Does anything in the carburator need to change what i can see?

18-10-2012, 14:00
At the temperatures you are discribing the fuel doesn't evaporate so easily, so it just condenses to the surface of the intake manifold, by pressing the accelerator pedal 2 times, you activate the autochoke and pump extra fuel into the engine, so it will start better. Autochoke can be checked by removing the airfilter and, with a cold engine, pressing the accelerator pedal, in good condition, your autochoke should then engage wich can be observed as the top butterfly valve in your carb closes. Any adjustments can be made by loosening the autochoke housing and, with pressed accelerator pedal, rotating the housing so that the valve closes to a gap of +/- 6mm. For the adjustment i allways use a 6mm drill.