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22-04-2012, 11:34
Colour VW

Colour Code Note
Panama Brown L12A (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/5/6/Image060.jpg)
Dakota Beige L13A
Crystal Silver L204 Metallic
Bright Orange L20B (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/5/6/1/9/100_0765.JPG)
Huron Blue L307 Metallic
Malaga Red L30C
African Red L31A
Mars Red L31B
Daytona Red L458
Monarch Red L459 Parlemoer
Moon Dust Silver L488 Metallic
Raspberry L505 Metallic
Miami Blue L51C
Ivory L567
Reef Blue L57H
Bali Green L62A
Sage Green L63H
Manilla Grun L63Y (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/3/9/glim3.JPG)
Diamond Silver L801
Diamond White L802
Classic Black L845
Agate Brown L86Z
Pearl White L87H (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/3/0/8/3/IMG_00581.JPG)
Pastel White L90D
Alpine White L90E (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/1/1/1/Afbeelding020_490573.JPG)
Insari Silver L94A Metallic
Pearl L94K Metallic
Bronze L95D Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/1/8/0/4/IMG_4257.JPG)
Brazil Brown L96F Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/3/9/3/7/IMG_0539.jpg)
Diamond Silver L97A Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/1/1/1/Afbeelding020_657294.JPG)
Platinum L98G Metallic
Bahama Blue L99F Metallic
Cobalt L99G Metallic
Colibri Green L99Y Metallic
Lemon Yellow LA1D
Colorado Beige LA1M
Nevada Beige LA1N (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/2/9/2/6/0/CopyofIM015558.JPG)
Sand LA1V (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/3/2/0/8/golfoktober3klein.jpg)
Calahari Beige LA1Y Metallic
Light Sahara Sand LA1Z Metallic
Mars Red LA3A (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/1/2/8/2/gti-1003.jpg)
Gambia Red LA3B (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/2/3/7/8/7/IMG_5013.JPG)
Cherry Red LA3E
Indiana Red LA3V Metallic
Surinam Red LA3Y Metallic
Red LA3Z Metallic
Florida Blue LA5A
Marine Blue LA5B
Monaco Blue LA5D (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/6/2/7/0/coupe1.JPG)
Maritim Blue LA5E
Medium Blue LA5T Metallic
Royal Blue LA5U Metallic
Azore Blue LA5V Metallic
Helios Blue LA5Y Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/3/5/9/7/LA5Y.01_original.jpg)
Stratos Blue LA5Z Metallic
Ice Green LA6E
Dark Teal LA6U Metallic
Lhasa Green LA6Y Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/1/8/2/IMG_6038_original.jpg)
Calypso green LA6Z Metallic
Ascot Grey LA7A
Ascot Pearl Grey LA7U Metallic
Polar Silver LA7V Metallic
Pewter Grey LA7Y Metallic
Merian Brown LA8A
Quartz Grey LA8V Metallic
Bronze Grey LA8Y Metallic
Antilope LA8Z Metallic
Brilliant Black LA9V Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/2/2/0/6/2/DSC08233.JPG)
Harvestmoon Beige LB1M (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/7/8/178_7885_original.jpg)
Terra Brown LB1V Metallic
Titian Red LB3V Metallic
Silk Blue LB5P Metallic
Steel Blue LB5T Metallic
Turquoise LB5T Metallic
Regatta Blue LB5Y Metallic
Biscaya Blue LB5Z Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/2/0/7/3/4/afbeelding042.jpg)
Papyros Green LB6V Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/5/6/1/9/DSC_0625.JPG)
Montanna LB6Z Metallic
Cloud Grey LB7A Metallic
Graphite LB7V Metallic
Vesuve Grey LB7Y Metallic
Satinsilber LB7Z Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/2/2/0/4/0/190220101024.jpg)
Umbra Brown LB8V Metallic
Mahogany Brown LB8Z Metallic
Candyweiss LBA9
Sherry LC2U Metallic
Pearl Red LC3T Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/5/6/P1010524.JPG)
Dark Burgundy LC3U Parlemoer
Bordeaux Red LC3Y Parlemoer (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/3/8/7/5/mivw2006_.jpg)
Tera Cotta LC3Z Metallic
Twilight Violet LC4T Parlemoer
Dark Violet LC4V Parlemoer
Black Violet LC4Y Parlemoer (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/5/7/2/corradofront02.JPG)
Mystic Blue LC5L Parlemoer (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/1/1/8/9/4/Verkleind1.jpg)
Moonlight Blue LC5M Parlemoer
Dusty Mauve LC5P Parlemoer
Aqua Blue LC5U Parlemoer
Midnight Blue LC5V Metallic
Blue LC5Z Parlemoer
Dragon Green LC6P Parlemoer
Classic Green LC6U Parlemoer
Green LC6V Parlemoer
Irish Green LC6Y Parlemoer
Trend Blue LC7J Parelmoer (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/2/2/8/7/3/golf02.jpg)
Black Magic LC9Z Metallic
Travertine LD1V Metallic
starblue LD5T Metallic
Sienna Red LD3V Metallic
Electronic Green LD6T Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/1/6/1/_MG_4906.JPG)
Dark Green LD6U Metallic
Onyx Green LD6V Metallic
Topaz Green LD6Y Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/6/2/7/0/SantanaLX.jpg)
Platinum Grey LD7V Metallic
Quartz LD7Y Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/4/8/9/3/P1010862.JPG)
Havana Brown LD8A
Sun Brite Yellow LE1B
Mexico Beige LE1M
Mojave Beige LE1N
Manilla Beige LE1T
Light Auburn LE1U Metallic
Gold LE1V Metallic
Burnished Gold LE1Z Metallic
Tabasco Red LE3A
Royal Red LE3B
Mahogany LE3K
Red Mica LE3P Parlemoer
Desert Red LE3Z Metallic
Whisper Blue LE5A
Lago Blue LE5B
Deep Cosmic Blue LE5C
Monza Blue LE5L Metallic
Blue Mica LE5N
Light Blue LE5P Metallic
Frost Blue LE5U Metallic
Tarpon Blue LE5V Metallic
Midnight Blue LE5Z Metallic
Mountain Green LE6B
Jasper Green LE6D
Slate Grey LE6U Metallic
Forest Green LE6Z Metallic
Twilight Grey LE7P Metallic
Diamond Silver LE7Y Metallic
Centurion Grey LE7Z Metallic
Inca Brown LE84 Metallic
Galleon Brown LE8A
Canyon LE8V Metallic
Cashmere White LE9C
Soft Violet LG4R
Catalina Blue LG5Q Metallic
Mulberry LG6R Metallic
Sequoia Green LG6S Metallic
Bright Surf Green LG7N Metallic
Suede Silver Beige LG7X Metallic
Bamboo Yellow LH1B
Samos Beige LH1N
Savannah Beige LH1V Metallic
Marsala Red LH3D
Medium Blue LH5G
Cornat Blue LH5H
Guinea Blue LH5K
Kuril Blue LH5T
Dove Blue LH5V Metallic
Smoke Silver Blue LH5Y Metallic
Deep Atlantis Blue LH5Z Metallic
Wolfram Grey LH7V Metallic
Assuan Brown LH8B
Timor Beige LH8T
Bronze Beige LH8U Metallic
Mocca Brown LH8V
Damuso White LH9D
Dark Blue LI5Z Metallic
Lagos Yellow LK1A
Nugget Yellow LK1B
Jasmine Yellow LK1D
Cinnabar LK2Y Metallic
Spicy Paprika Red LK3A
Champagne Taupe LK3V Metallic
Burgundy Red LK3Y Metallic
Ice Grey Violet LK4U Parlemoer
Violet LK4Y Metallic
Plum LK4Z Metallic
Capri Blue LK5E
Inca Blue LK5T Metallic
Arctic Blue LK5U Metallic
Cirrus Gray LK5V Metallic
Cosmos Silver LK5Y Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/6/2/7/0/pass1.JPG)
Mangrove Green LK6P Metallic
River Blue LK6V Metallic
Cedar Green LK6Y Metallic
183 Rock Grey LK7V Metallic
Storm Grey LK7Y Metallic
Sudan Brown LK8V Metallic
Toffee LK8Z Metallic
Beige LL1M
Jamaica Aqua-Blue LL5V Metallic
Windsor Blue LN5Y Metallic
Jade LN6V Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/7/Img_5527.jpg)
Schwarz LO4I
Flashrot LP3G
Bright Blue LP5V Metallic
Orly Blue LP5Z Metallic
Bold Caribbean Teal LP6M
Atlas Grey LP7V Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/7/IMG_1763.jpg)
Flash Silver LP7Y Metallic
Light Grey LP7Z Metallic
Kupferbraun LP8Y Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/7/5/1/0/Golffebruari2008026.jpg)
Escorial Green LT6A
Gobi Beige LY1V Metallic
Amulet Red LY3C Metallic (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/7/9/5/7/DSC_0432.JPG)
Tornado Red LY3D (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/1/1/1/Afbeelding062_231045.JPG)
Sapphire LY5V Metallic
Meteor Grey LY7V Metallic
Montego Black LY9V Metallic
Grey LZ7M (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/4/8/9/3/P6140939-2.jpg)
Ebony Black LZ7W (http://www.volksforum.com/albums/files/2/5/8/4/5/Foto0235.jpg)

If you have a colour that's not yet a link in this topic, upload a pic here in the album and post it here. (that way the pics will stay visible)

Props to Redbull for the footwork on this (Dutch topic by RedBull (http://www.volksforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40368&page=1&pp=20)

Erik Baas
22-04-2012, 22:26
Nevada beige LA1N : www.volksforum.com/albums/showimage.php?i=105953

22-04-2012, 23:12

05-11-2012, 18:28
sameone can tell me the code and the name off this color?

http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/4264/73020790.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/717/73020790.jpg/)

17-08-2020, 09:50
Old thread, but I recommend checking paintref.com if you need a paint cross-reference.