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Ben Modified 10-04-2015 23:30

1961 V8 Single Cab Street Rod
I purchased the rotten cab and bed gates and added the rest. It uses a 400 Hp GM crate engine with a custom made frame and street rod suspension.

My Build Blog with all Projects

YouTube videos of the Build

Tjaap 11-04-2015 00:12

Amazing. Keep us updated!

Van Limburg 11-04-2015 02:33

Fun build! :thumbup:

Tjaap 11-04-2015 02:40

I just wasted two hours on your blog.

You are an amazing engineer and extremely creative!!

Love the cushman and Toyota van!

Ben Modified 11-04-2015 02:53

Thanks! Did you check out the Pedal Motorcycle?

Pro FM 11-04-2015 09:54

same here...:) i really like the electric VW bus because the fact it looks totally original. But i also like the other ones which are very creative.
Keep up the good work!

Ben Modified 21-07-2015 20:45

Custom floor going in

Pedaalemmer 22-07-2015 07:09

Holy smoke, that is going to be insane!. Love your projects on the blog, it really shows your are extremly creative :D

Ben Modified 22-07-2015 19:35

Originally Posted by Pedaalemmer
Holy smoke, that is going to be insane!. Love your projects on the blog, it really shows your are extremly creative :D

Thanks so much!

hajee 22-07-2015 21:38


Ben Modified 28-07-2015 00:11

Single Cab Street Rod
The floor is finished and have started on filler panels for the old highlight bucket area.

Videos of the Build:

My Build Blog with all Projects

Ben Modified 30-07-2015 15:11

I have had a few requests for more information on the shop/projects. If you are interested, here is the link.
Shop Tour

My YouTube Home Page

Ben Modified 05-08-2015 01:12

Still need to smooth and finish

YouTube link to my Build Videos:

Tjaap 05-08-2015 01:50

Still love everything about this!!

Sjeesbeest 05-08-2015 06:08

Insane! Love it!

Your lucky there are no speedbumps on the road. O:-)

Ben Modified 07-08-2015 02:41

Ben Modified 08-08-2015 02:22

Adapted front shocks to the Speedway Front End
I used these small Monroe golf cart shocks. They were a perfect fit. The piece of tubing will be removed.

YouTube link to build videos:

Ben Modified 11-08-2015 00:44

I decided to try and use the factory headlights and buckets on the single cab. I installed one today. It moves with the steering.

YouTube link to my Build Videos

Pedaalemmer 11-08-2015 07:21


Ben Modified 12-08-2015 00:40

I went ahead and mounted the other headlight, although I may not keep them. Also added the other shock tower bracing. Still need to finish the welding and smooth.

Trimmed off the bottom of the door and started making a template for a rocker panel.

My Build Videos:

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