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vw89 29-01-2007 00:28

budget bunny
So i picked up this 1977 rabbit about 2 weeks ago from the second owner. He had purchased the car in 1978 from the original owner with 15,000 miles. The mileage on it now is 141,000, so that that many miles in a 30 year period. So i decided on this car for a daily so i can do either a swap or rebuild the engine on my mkII. The car has virtually no rust, just a little under the windshield and couple dents here and there but otherwise in great shape. Now for some pics, all this was done by me and a couple of friends at the dealership where we leave.

this is the car, its not a very good pic, but gives you an idea. car was completely stock.

the new versus the old wheels, still 13's but now 13x8's with some 175/50r13

the old front strut bearings, and yes i'm going to get them rebuilt and put them back in

where's my strut??? new one on getting ready to be put in

the new coilover versus the old strut and spring, fk highsport, something cheap and easy and doesnt ride bad either

heres one of the new front strut bearing

and me putting the first wheel on in the front, very exciting

got both front wheels on and decided to lower it down to get a idea of what i was in for

me with the new rear coilover ready to go in, we snapped one of the rear strut bolts because the impact we had was on the highest setting :laugh:

rear coilover in with the new poly bushings

got some front and rear plastic euro bumpers with clear turns from jman (james). thanks again for delivering those.


the front


and now one shot of the factory blue interior

and a couple on the ground in the parking lot un-washed

enjoy, and thanks to everyone that made this possible: dylon, benny, james, and sarah for giving me the time to do it :laugh:

RubenD 29-01-2007 00:47

A great car! Is it a Scorpion edition (stickers on both sides)?

Tjaap 29-01-2007 01:12

absolutely LOVE IT!!!

vw89 29-01-2007 02:04

i don't know if its any edition, its just the way it came from the dealer

Tjaap 29-01-2007 08:42

don´t think it´s a scorpion.. they were all black weren´t they..... Ernst. you had one..

hajee 29-01-2007 09:06

absolutely great car!
love the color and the striping,
perfect match with the wheels!

sjampoo 29-01-2007 09:18


Great looking example: wot color is the base? Apple Green or sumtin?

and ps:

What camera lens are you using here? (or did your head get stuck some where in the past?)

evilnyntje 29-01-2007 11:44

Originally Posted by Tjaap
don´t think it´s a scorpion.. they were all black weren´t they..... Ernst. you had one..

Black it was, wasn't scorpion a european edition only? Stijn?

Btw i really like youre car!

Stijn 29-01-2007 11:48

Hey VW89, good to see you here as well (Cavok on the -tex).

Just wondering if I ever met you? Back in 2000-2001 I used to hang out with some guys in PDX/Eugene, Tim and the guys (Dubsquad).

Nice nice nice looking car, what a find!!! But, again, I would've loved to see the USA bumps stay...

I don't think it's a Scorpion edition, they were black... These stripes must be aftermarket, they were VERY 'hot' back in the day :)

Tjaap 29-01-2007 11:59

probably a dealer extra, seen alot of striping on US mk1's

Stijn 29-01-2007 12:07

And mk2's, let's not forget about 'Tron'

hajee 29-01-2007 12:09

just saw a scorpion edition driving true my street..
it's a mum's car and she's picking up her kids at school with it..
very nice and original dutch plate car. and it's really black.

Tjaap 02-02-2007 21:20

Originally Posted by Stijn
And mk2's, let's not forget about 'Tron'

tron was not a dealer extra... it's just a misfit :thumbup:

PerL 02-02-2007 22:46

I've never heard of a Scorpion edition, but the stripes on this green car are ultra-hot!

Mk1-Addict 02-02-2007 23:06

really MAGNIFICANT, what a great looking ride you got there, again the proof: a MK1 only needs lowering and a good set of wheels, wheels that belong to the age of the car! :thumbup:

if only we could throw away our front licence plate, we always need to put this yellow peace of uglyness in front of our car :mad:

maniacmark 03-02-2007 16:17

Originally Posted by hajee
absolutely great car!
love the color and the striping,
perfect match with the wheels!

couldn't agree more: it is beautifull

Emiel 21-04-2008 20:24

It seems that with rather minor work this car is trasformed into somethin sweet!

L.Wee 06-05-2008 08:29

Oh my god! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

This Car looks amazing!
Love it. Mee will have onE

Richard 06-05-2008 08:58

beautyfull car but please ditch the plastic bumpers und get some euro chrome bumpers

ronnie_v 06-05-2008 09:08

my brother-in-law owned a "scorpion-golf-mk1"ones, it was black with a picture of a scorpion on the c-pillar.

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